Philosophical genre books (3)


Consolata by Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse EN

Rating: 3     1 Vote
Country: Africa / Rwanda flag Rwanda


Labyrinths by Jorge Luis Borges EN

Rating: 4.5     36 Votes
Country: Africa / Argentina flag Argentina
Forty short stories and essays have been selected as representative of the Argentine writer's metaphysical narratives


Unity & Struggle : Selected Speeches and Writings by Amílcar Cabral EN

0 Ratings
AmÃ?Â-lcar Cabral, born in 1921 in Guinea-Bissau, had his early education in Guinea and did his university studies in Portugal. Cabral found himself active in the nationalist struggle, a political context that enabled him to reflect on several aspects of the armed struggle. He developed his understanding and theories of the national liberation struggle in the political context of militant nationalism; he fought as he wrote incisively about that struggle, and passionately struggled as he wrote. This dialectical experience enriched his theoretical understanding of the aims, goals, strategies and... continue

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