Frequently asked questions

The Read Around The World Challenge is a book reading challenge for readers from all over the world who want to read at least one book written by an author from each in the world.
The challenge is always open. You can join any time. If you have not yet joined, you should probably do it now. We like to say that the best time to join was yesterday, but it's never too late. Start your reading journey around the world now.
The Read Around The World Challenge is not a race. You read at your own pace. Some people will finish the challenge within a year, while it will take others a few years to finish. The idea is to develop a habit of reading, leave your comfort zone, discover some new books and authors as well as learn a few things about other countries. It's not about rushing through as many books as possible, although you can do that if you want to. So take your time and avoid burning out.
All participants of the challenge are free to recommend books. The only requirement is to add a book that you have read. If possible add a few words to the review / comment section so other people can I have an idea of what your opinion about the book is. Also add as many details as possible, i.e. genres, tags, country where the book is set, fiction or non-fiction, etc. In other words, be helpful.
The most important rule is that a book should be listed under the country where the author was born, not where the story is set. Use a tag to let others know where the story is set. For example, if the author of a book was born in Morocco, but lives in USA and writes stories set in USA, then the book should be listed under Morocco and tagged as "set in USA".
Yes. The challenge is global so people can read in any language that they want. This means books can be recommended to the challenge in different languages. Contact us if your language is not on the list of languages available when adding books. We will be very happy to add your language to the list.
No, you cannot. A bit of work is required to correct this kind of mistake. Only the support team can change the country under which a book is listed because this may affect other people's progress report if they have already marked the book as read.
The book will be removed and you will be informed by email. The support team is always on the look out for such mistakes. However, we always try to make sure that removing the book does not affect your reading progress report, whenever possible.
There are two ways to add books. The first method is to enter all the information manually. The second and easier method is to use the ISBN number of the book. If information about a book is not available when using the ISBN then the only option is to do things manually.
You can search the website for recommended books by title, genre, author, isbn number and by country.

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