7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

by Kate Coleman

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7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

For the first time in modern history, God is placing women in strategic positions of influence and leadership within the church, public, corporate, charity and voluntary sectors, in unprecedented numbers. Women are called to flourish in these arenas. However, there are significant external and internal issues that hinder women in leadership in unique ways. In the 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership, Kate Coleman considers what lies at the root of the many challenges facing women leaders and discusses ways of dealing with them. Effective leadership starts with you and she explains how to: Overcome limiting self-perceptions Establish boundaries Develop a tailor-made personal vision Cultivate a healthy work/life rhythm Stop being a people-pleaser Learn to confront not collude Be intentional with your inner circle This book will enable you to identify and overcome self-defeating patterns of behaviour, in ways that will radically transform your leadership capabilities. Written for every leader from any sector!"

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