A Country Doctor : Short Stories

by Franz Kafka

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A Country Doctor : Short Stories

Written during the winter of 1916-17 when Kafka was living in one of the tiny houses on Golden Lane (formerly Alchimistengasse) at Prague Castle, and published in spring 1920 by Kurt Wolff Verlag, the 14 short fictions comprising this volume are interconnected by a persistent exploration of identity, where even animals anthropomorphize into a new identity. "Before the Law," "A Country Doctor," and "A Report for an Academy" are among the most renowned stories he produced, and Kevin Blahut has rendered them in an English that is contemporary and fresh, capturing perfectly the nightmarish humor of Kafka's prose. 1. The New Advocate 2. A Country Doctor 3. Up in the Gallery 4. A Leaf from an Old Manuscript 5. Before the Law 6. Jackals and Arabs 7. A Visit to the Mine 8. The Next Village 9. A Message from the Emperor 10. A Problem for the Father of the Family 11. Eleven Sons 12. A Fratricide 13. A Dream 14. Report to the Academy

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