A Guided Tour Through the Museum of Communism

by Slavenka Drakulić

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A Guided Tour Through the Museum of Communism

A wry, cutting deconstruction of the Communist empire by one of Eastern Europe's exceptional authors. Called "a perceptive and amusing social critic, with a wonderful eye for detail" by The Washington Post, Slavenka Drakulic-a native of Croatia-has emerged as one of the most popular and respected critics of Communism to come out of the former Eastern Bloc. In A Guided Tour Through the Museum of Communism, she offers a eight-part exploration of Communism by way of an unusual cast of narrators, each from a different country, who reflect on the fall of Communism. Together they constitute an Orwellian send-up of absurdities during the final years of European Communism that showcase this author's tremendous talent.


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(3 months ago)
02 Dec, 2022
Perceptive and amusing reflections on the fall of communism through the eyes of 8 narrators (who all happen to be animals) from 8 different Eastern European countries.

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Country: Croatia flag Croatia
Language: EN
Genre: Historical fiction Short story
Recommended: 02 Dec 2022

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