A Land Without Jasmine

by Wajdī Ahdal

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Tags: Set in YEMEN Male author

A Land Without Jasmine

Under the watchful eyes of the men in her community the beautiful, virtuous Jasmine goes about her daily business, keeping to herself and avoiding the male gaze at all costs. That is until one Valentine's Day, when this beguiling creature vanishes without a trace. As details surrounding her sudden disappearance emerge the mystery deepens. Sexual depravity, honour, obsession... the motives are numerous and the suspects plentiful. It seems that everyone wants a piece of the charming young student. Family, friends, fellow students and nosey neighbours are quick to make their own judgements on the case, but the truth may be far stranger than anyone anticipates. Wajdi al-Ahdal is a Yemini novelist with a fresh and provocative voice. His works are often controversial and A Land Without Jasmine is no exception, candidly exploring coming of age in a land of sexual repression. He is the author of four novels and four short story collections, and was nominated for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2008 for his novel The Quarantine Philosopher.

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Challenge: Read Around Asia Challenge
Country: Yemen flag Yemen
Language: EN
Genre: Mystery
Recommended: 20 Dec 2022

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