Am I Allergic To Men?

by Kristen Bailey

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Am I Allergic To Men?


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(2 years ago)
07 Feb, 2022
Lucy shows us her vulnerable side as she struggles to get her memory back. What we find is that she is courageous, she’s a free spirit, she pulverizes bullies and she lives life to the fullest. She’s inappropriate but hilarious. She’s a talented actor, dancer, and the best Aunty ever. But most of all she would lay down her life for her family as they would do for her. After all, who clashes and crashes better than the incredible Callaghan family? The whole slide armageddon at the park is priceless. And what says love more than a mum replacing all of her adult daughters’ ratty knickers. LOL moments galore!!!! I absolutely adore this insightful and memorable series. If you love heartwarming family dynamics and hilarious hijinks, please pick up this wonderful series. It won’t disappoint. Complete review at

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Country: United Kingdom flag United Kingdom
Language: EN
Genre: Romance

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