by Brent Butt

Rating: 5 (1 vote)

Tags: Set in Canada Male author


In comedy, killing is a good thing. From the award-winning screenwriter and International Emmy nominee comes this unexpectedly dark and twisted thriller. It's 1994, and three stand-up comedians have embarked on a tour of smaller communities across a remote stretch of rural Canadian countryside. Dale is a 40-something comic from Chicago who's on the back half of a mediocre career and thinking about quitting the business. Rynn is a 20-something fast-rising comedy star from Dublin with a big break into TV on her horizon. And who is this third guy, the hulking young man added to the bill at the last minute by a booker with dubious motives? He goes by Hobie Huge, and his enormous physical presence is unfortunately not matched by his skills as opening act. But his brutal lack of ability as a comedian turns out to be the least of his companion's problems. Huge starts to show signs of a terrifying capacity for brutality offstage too--and for Dale and Rynn, the tour becomes less about getting laughs and more about getting off the road alive. It's going to take some getting used to, but Brent Butt is no longer just a funny guy. His debut novel is so accomplished it's frightening.

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