by Rajni Mala Khelawan

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Growing up in the Fiji Islands in the late 1960s, Kalyana Mani Seth is an impressionable, plump young girl suited to the meaning of her name: blissful, blessed, the auspicious one. Her mother educates Kalyana about her Indian heritage, vividly telling tales of mischievous Krishna and powerful Mother Kali, and recounting her grandparents' migration to the tiny, British colony.While the island nation celebrates its recently granted independence, new stories of the feminist revolution in America are carried over the waves of the Pacific to Kalyana's ears: stories of women who live with men who are not their husbands, who burn their bras, who are free to do as they please. Strange as all this sounds, Kalyana hopes that she will be blessed with a husband who allows her a similar sense of liberty.But nothing prepares her for the trauma of womanhood and the cultural ramifications of silence and shame, as her mother tells her there are some family stories that should never be told.


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(1 year ago)
23 Jun, 2022
well, now I know why a book I saw about North Korea was marked as Algeria - this glitch needs to be fixed;
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(1 year ago)
23 Jun, 2022
Thanks for the feedback. I don't think it was a glitch. Algeria just happens to be the first country on the list. So Algeria is automatically selected if the person adding a book forgets to select a country. I guess the change that's required is to remind users to make sure they select a country when adding new books. By the way, books in this challenge are categorised by the country in which the user was born. The reason is to support authors from less known countries.

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Challenge: Read Around Oceania Challenge
Country: Fiji flag Fiji
Language: EN
Genre: Cultural Historical

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