The Challenge for Africa

by Wangari Maathai

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The Challenge for Africa

In this groundbreaking work, the Nobel Peace Prize-winner and founder of the Green Belt Movement offers a new perspective on the troubles facing Africa today. Too often these challenges are portrayed by the media in extreme terms connoting poverty, dependence, and desperation. Wangari Maathai, the author of Unbowed, sees things differently, and here she argues for a moral revolution among Africans themselves. Illuminating the complex and dynamic nature of the continent, Maathai offers “hardheaded hope” and “realistic options” for change and improvement. She deftly describes what Africans can and need to do for themselves, stressing all the while responsibility and accountability. Impassioned and empathetic, The Challenge for Africa is a book of immense importance.


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(6 years ago)
23 Feb, 2018
This book contains interesting information about the problems Africa has been facing for the past half a century, the reasons why not much has changed over that period as well as suggestions regarding how to change the future of Africa, starting with educating Africans about their rights, why they should take matters into their own hands and select a new breed of leaders who have national development at heart.

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