The Young Man That Challenged Death

by Santos Chavez

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The Young Man That Challenged Death

The reason that made me write this book is the following. I been walking for over 20 years over a dark path in my life. I want to send a messege to all the children that had been abuse around the world. For them to belive on their self because on the end of the path their is a special light for each of them. I also want to explain a bit about all the despites of all our Central American brothers that risk everything to get to the United States. Many adventures many pathways we went through. Mamy mothers cried for what had been there treasures. Dreams that have been impossible. To the friends who have been on the path are remembering with respect and affection. In memory of its people will live. My name is Santos Chavez I was born in Honduras on, July,2,1983. I travel to the United States when I was 10 years old. Now I live in Las Vegas,Nevada. I have 2 childrens I am divorce. I work as a electrition seens I was 14 years old. I inspired my self to write this book for so many things I been through live. Everything I witness, like child abuse, live in missery and never seen a school in my life. Acomplice of killing, and of raped childrens. Surviver of hurrican Mitch, of been kill with a deathly wapon, attacked with bombs in Mexico, kidnapped in Mexico, 7 days lost in the desert with out food and water and suicede attemped. Problems with immigration and gangs and drugs.

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