Under the Yoke

by Ivan Vazov

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Under the yoke

Under the Yoke is a novel by Ivan Vazov written in 1888. It depicts the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria and is the most famous piece of classic Bulgarian literature. The tranquillity in a Bulgarian village under Ottoman rule is only superficial: the people are quietly preparing for an uprising. The plot follows the story of Boicho Ognyanov, who, having escaped from a prison in Diarbekir, returns to the Bulgarian town of Byala Cherkva to take part in the rebellion. There he meets old friends, enemies, and the love of his life. The plot portrays the personal drama of the characters, their emotions, motives for taking part in or standing against the rebellion, betrayal and conflict.

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Challenge: Read Around Europe Challenge
Country: Bulgaria flag Bulgaria
Language: EN
Genre: Cultural Historical fiction Historical
Recommended: 03 Jan 2018

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