When I Hit You

by Meena Kandasami

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Tags: Set in INDIA Female author

When I Hit You

Seduced by politics and poetry, the unnamed narrator falls in love with a university professor and agrees to be his wife, but what for her is a contract of love is for him a contract of ownership. As he sets about reducing her to his idealized version of a kept woman, bullying her out of her life as an academic and writer in the process, she attempts to push back--a resistance he resolves to break with violence and rape. Smart, fierce, and courageous, When I Hit You is a dissection of what love meant, means, and will come to mean when trust is undermined by violence; a brilliant, throat-tightening feminist discourse on battered faces and bruised male egos; and a scathing portrait of traditional wedlock in modern India.

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Challenge: Read Around Asia Challenge
Country: India flag India
Language: EN

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