You Do Understand (Slovenian Literature Series)

by Andrej Blatnik

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You Do Understand (Slovenian Literature Series)

Partly parables, partly fairy tales, You Do Understand is a comedy of errors for a species of talkers who’ve never learned to listen. This collection of sharp, spare, occasionally absurd, cruel, touching, and yet always generous short-short fictions addresses the fundamental difficulty we have in making the people we love understand what we want and need. Demonstrating that language and intimacy are as much barriers between human beings as ways of connecting them, Andrej Blatnik here provides us with a guided tour of the slips, misunderstandings, and blind alleys we each manage to fall foul of on a daily basis—no closer to understanding the motives of our families, friends, lovers, or coworkers than we are those of a complete stranger . . . or, indeed, our own.

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