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I Will Not Grow Downward - Memoir of an Eritrean Refugee : My Long and Perilous Flight from Africa's Hermit Kingdom by Kenneth James Howe, Yikealo Neab EN

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Country: Africa / Eritrea flag Eritrea
I WILL NOT GROW DOWNWARD - MEMOIR OF AN ERITREAN REFUGEEONE MAN'S LONG AND PERILOUS FLIGHT FROM AFRICA'S HERMIT KINGDOM THIRTY YEARS OF BLOODY CONFLICT with a powerful enemy never broke the spirit of the Eritrean people. After winning their freedom from Ethiopia, a young man dreams of starting a new life, building a home, and teaching his children what it means to be the masters of their own fate. But all-too soon, the fighting resumes. Rounded up and forced into conscription, subjected to inhumane treatment, made to serve a despotic leader in an army fighting a war nobody wants, he will have ... continue