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Recommended English books written by authors from Central African Republic (3)
Travel the world without leaving your chair. If you speak English here are some English books from Central African Republic for the next part of the "Read Around The World Challenge".


Co-Wives, Co-Widows by Adrienne Yabouza EN

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Co-Wives, Co-Widows is the first adult work of fiction from the Central African Republic to be translated into English. This is the story of Ndongo Passy and Grekpoubou, the two widows of Lidou. Following their husband's sudden and unexplained death, they find themselves fighting tooth and nail for all that is important to them. A playful, bittersweet, story full of dry wit and local colour, set against a backdrop of political instability, corruption and the friction between the old and the new in Bangui in the Central African Republic.


Daba's Travels from Ouadda to Bangui by Makombo Bamboté EN

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A boy from the Central African Republic leaves his village on a brief vacation that becomes a lengthy absence as he makes many new friends and gets an education.