A Cowrie of Hope

by Binwell Sinyangwe

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A Cowrie of Hope

"These were the nineties," reflects the narrator of A Cowrie of Hope, and for the young widow Nasula they are years of relentless economic hardship and privation. She dreams of a better life for her beautiful daughter, Sula, free from poverty and independent of marriage. But when Nasula finds herself unable to pay for Sula's education, her hopes seem to have been extinguished - until a friend advised her to go to Lusaka and sell her last sack of highly sought-after Mbala beans. Nasula makes the journey, but in the city she finds herself exposed to new, and predatory, dangers. In A Cowrie of HopeBinwell Sinyangwe captures the rhythms of a people whose poverty has not diminished their dignity, where hope can only be accompanied by small acts of courage, and where friendship has not lost its value.


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(5 years ago)
18 Jan, 2018
This book was written in a style I consider to be typical African. The way the dialogs unfold, the language, mentioning of gods or superstitions reminded me of my own childhood. The story was told at a pace just fast enough to keep me engaged until the very end. Although the names of the characters where not typical, I somehow found it easy to quickly grasp who was who. That's probably because there were not that many characters.

There were surprising turn of events that I didn't see coming, which made me want to find out as quickly as possible how the story would end. It was one of the quickest reads I have had over the last few years. All in all, I consider this a good book with my favourite kind of ending. 

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