Faith Among Shadows

by Malcolm Leal

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Faith Among Shadows

Lying face down on the muddy jungle floor, with the taste of his own blood in his mouth, all Malcolm Leal could do was call upon the God of his great-grandmother. Florencia Martinez Hernandez raised Malcolm as her own son in a small fishing village on the northern coast of Cuba. Teaching Malcolm wisdom gleaned from the worn pages of her century-old Bible, Florencia spoke of a temple "promised to all people" and that there were men on earth who "walked with God." Most importantly, she taught him to rely on "her" God for everything. While on assignment for the Cuban Special Forces in the dense rain forests of Central America, Malcolm suffered the fatal blow of a sniper's bullet. As he felt his life slipping away amongst the surrounding shadows, Malcolm reflected on his life and the teachings of his great-grandmother. In what he thought were his last moments, he summoned the God of his grandmother in faith. Malcolm's prayer was heard. Faith Among Shadows recounts Malcolm Leal's miraculous journey in search of truth, and his eventual discovery of and conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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