Geography for the lost

by Kapka kassabova

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Geography for the Lost

Kapka Kassabova is a young Bulgarian émigré poet who writes in English but with a European imagination. Her well-travelled poems speak from different parts of the world and different moments of history, but they always speak of the many ways to be lost and disoriented: in a place, in the past, in fear, in love, in the very quickness of life. The voices speaking here - from a Roman housewife to a Chinese bar-owner in Berlin or an Argentine DJ - are the voices of the heart-sick, the culturally jet-lagged, people from photographs, the "tenants" of lives, cities and destinies. This is what we all are, have been, or will be.

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Challenge: Read Around Europe Challenge
Country: Bulgaria flag Bulgaria
Language: EN
Genre: Poetry
Recommended: 23 Feb 2022

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