Making Peace and Nurturing Life : An African Woman's Journey of Struggle and Hope

by Julia Aker Duany

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Making Peace and Nurturing Life

Let the Truth Be Told is a political action thriller in the tradition of top selling authors such as Robert Ludlum and David Baldacci. It is the story of Dr. Keith Bryant, a professor at the University of VA, who is teaching a class entitled "The Politics of Conspiracy" that looks at the role of the media in understanding historic world events. When the class begins studying the many conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 it arouses the attention of a clandestine government agency run by Colonel Ed Foster, a man charged with maintaining the secrets behind 9/11. Dr. Keith Bryant and his girlfriend, Loren Davis, are forced to run when Colonel Foster and his team find a link between Keith's work and a highly regarded, well funded group of conspiracy researchers called Let the Truth Be Told (LTBT). Fearing that the secrets of 9/11 could be uncovered by their combined efforts, Foster unleashes all of his resources to find and terminate Keith and Loren, as well as everyone and everything that they hold dear. Though a true political thriller, Let the Truth Be Told is also a story about how an ordinary couple reacts to the terror and stress of being on the run and in constant fear as the special people in their lives are targeted by Foster's assassins. It's also a look at the internal conflict that our heroes struggle with when they ultimately gain an advantage over their pursuers and are forced to use extreme measures to extract the information that will save America from further harm at the hands of Foster and his co-conpirators.

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