The Faster I Walk, The Smaller I Am (Norwegian Literature Series)

by Kjersti A. Skomsvold, Kerri A. Pierce

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Tags: Female author

The Faster I Walk, The Smaller I Am (Norwegian Literature Series)

The highly acclaimed debut of one of Norway’s brightest talents. Mathea Martinsen has never been good at dealing with other people. After a lifetime, her only real accomplishment is her longevity: everyone she reads about in the obituaries has died younger than she is now. Afraid that her life will be over before anyone knows that she lived, Mathea digs out her old wedding dress, bakes some sweet cakes, and heads out into the world—to make her mark. She buries a time capsule out in the yard. (It gets dug up to make room for a flagpole.) She wears her late husband’s watch and hopes people will ask her for the time. (They never do.) Is it really possible for a woman to disappear so completely that the world won’t notice her passing? The Faster I Walk, the Smaller I Am is a macabre twist on the notion that life “must be lived to the fullest.”

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