the lazarus project

by Aleksandar Hemon

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Tags: Set in Bosnia and Herzegovina Male author

The Lazarus Project

‘Prose this powerful could wake the dead’ – Observer Crossing a century of Eastern European history, The Lazarus Project is a profound exploration of alienation and the immigrant experience from Aleksandar Hemon, author of The World and All That It Holds. On 2 March 1908, Lazarus Averbuch, a young Russian Jewish immigrant to Chicago, tried to deliver a letter to the city’s Chief of Police. He was shot dead. After the shooting, it was claimed he was an anarchist assassin and an agent of foreign operatives who wanted to bring the United States to its knees. His sister, Olga, was left alone and bereft in a city seething with tension. A century later, two friends become obsessed with the truth about Lazarus and decide to travel to his birthplace. As the stories intertwine, a world emerges in which everything – and nothing – has changed . . . ‘This is easily Hemon’s best work to date, an intricately tessellated portrait of flight, emigration, and the meaning of home’ – Evening Standard

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