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Recommended Norwegian books (12)
Travel the world without leaving your chair. If you speak Norwegian here are some Norwegian books from Europe for the next part of the "Read Around The World Challenge".

En bokhandlers dagbok

En bokhandlers dagbok by Shaun Bythell NO

Rating: 4 (1 vote)
I den idylliske skotske småbyen Wigtown driver Shaun Bythell bokhandelen The Bookshop. Hyllene er fulle av glemte mesterverk av høyeste litterære kvalitet. Om noen bare vil betale for dem. Det er et annet spørsmål. En bokhandlers dagbok er en skarp og morsom skildring av en bokhandlers prøvelser i vår tid. Samtidig er det en hyllest til den viktige samfunnsrollen som bokhandelen har – og et lidenskapelig forsvar for den uendelige verdien av å lese bøker. «... en underholdende og medrivende, sjarmerende og morsom hyllest til alle verdens tradisjonelle bokhandlere, riktig en bok å hygge seg med ... continue


Foster by Claire Keegan NO

Rating: 4 (7 votes)
Country: Europe / Ireland flag Ireland
A small girl is sent to live with foster parents on a farm in rural Ireland, without knowing when she will return home. In the strangers' house, she finds a warmth and affection she has not known before and slowly begins to blossom in their care. And then a secret is revealed and suddenly, she realizes how fragile her idyll is. Winner of the Davy Byrnes Memorial Prize, Foster is now published in a revised and expanded version. Beautiful, sad and eerie, it is a story of astonishing emotional depth, showcasing Claire Keegan's great accomplishment and talent.


Gjestene by Agnes Ravatn NO

Rating: 4 (1 vote)
Country: Europe / Norway flag Norway


Menneskefluene (The human flies) by Hans Olav Lahlum NO

Rating: 4 (1 vote)
Country: Europe / Norway flag Norway
This is the first mystery in the hugely compelling, bestselling Norwegian crime series. Oslo, 1968. Ambitious young detective Inspector Kolbjorn Kristiansen is called to an apartment block, where a man has been found murdered. The victim, Harald Olesen, was a legendary hero of the Resistance during the Nazi occupation and at first it is difficult to imagine who could have wanted him dead. But as Detective Inspector Kolbjorn Kristiansen (known as K2) begins to investigate, it seems clear that the murderer could only be one of Olesen's fellow tenants in the building. Soon, with the help of ... continue


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