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Travel the world without leaving your chair. If you are into horror here are some horror books from France for the next part of the Read Around The World Challenge.


Das Phantom der Oper by Gaston Leroux DE

Rating: 3 (1 vote)
Country: Europe / France flag France
In den Kulissen der Pariser Oper geht ein Phantom um. Geschickt verbirgt es sich den Blicken der Menschen, und doch nimmt es Einfluss auf das Bühnengeschehen, denn dank seiner Hilfe wird die Sängerin Christine Daée zum Star des Ensembles. Als das abstoßend hässliche Phantom sich ihr offenbart, kommt erst ein großes Erschrecken und bald darauf die Liebe ins Spiel – und löst eine komisch-turbulente Lawine von Ereignissen aus.


Panics by Barbara Molinard EN

0 Ratings
Country: Europe / France flag France
A haunting, bizarre short story collection about violence, mental illness, and the warped contradictions of the twentieth-century female experience. A close friend and protégé of Marguerite Duras, Barbara Molinard (1921-1986) wrote and wrote feverishly, but only managed to publish one book in her lifetime: the surreal, nightmarish collection Panics. These thirteen stories beat with a frantic, off-kilter rhythm as Molinard obsesses over sickness, death, and control. A woman becomes transfixed by a boa constrictor at her local zoo, mysterious surgeons dismember their patient, and the author narr... continue


The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux EN

Rating: 3 (7 votes)
Country: Europe / France flag France
The novel that inspired the Lon Chaney film and the hit musical. "The wildest and most fantastic of tales."--New York Times Book Review.