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Travel the world without leaving your chair. If you are into fantasy here are some fantasy books from France for the next part of the Read Around The World Challenge.


Journey To The Center Of The Earth by Jules Verne EN

Rating: 4     6 Votes
Country: Europe / France flag France
Written almost a century before the daring flights of the astronauts, Jules Verne’s prophetic novel of man’s race to the stars is a classic adventure tale enlivened by broad satire and scientific acumen. When the members of the elite Baltimore Gun Club find themselves lacking any urgent assignments at the close of the Civil War, their president, Impey Barbicane, proposes that they build a gun big enough to launch a rocket to the moon. But when Barbicane’s adversary places a huge wager that the project will fail and a daring volunteer elevates the mission to a “manned” flight, one man’s dream t... continue
Recommended: 09 Apr 2022


The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint−Exupery EN

Rating: 4.4     36 Votes
Country: Europe / France flag France
The Little Prince and nbsp;(French: and nbsp;Le Petit Prince) is a and nbsp;novella and nbsp;by French aristocrat, writer, and aviator and nbsp;Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It was first published in English and French in the US by and nbsp;Reynal and amp; Hitchcock and nbsp;in April 1943, and posthumously in France following the and nbsp;liberation of France and nbsp;as Saint-Exupéry's works had been banned by the and nbsp;Vichy Regime. The story follows a young prince who visits various planets in space, including Earth, and addresses themes of loneliness, friendship, love, and loss. Despite its... continue
Recommended: 06 Mar 2022


Tobi Lolness by Timothee de Fombelle FR

0 Ratings
Country: Europe / France flag France
Recommended: 28 Jan 2018

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