Magical realism genre books (7)


Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi EN

Rating: 4     13 Votes
Country: Africa / Nigeria flag Nigeria
A National Book Foundation "5 Under 35" Honoree Finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Award for a Debut Novel Shortlisted for the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize ANew York Times Notable Book One of the most highly praised novels of the year, the debut from an astonishing young writer,Freshwater tells the story of Ada, an unusual child who is a source of deep concern to her southern Nigerian family. Young Ada is troubled, prone to violent fits. Born "with one foot on the other side," she begins to develop separate selves within her as she grows into adulthood. And when she travels to America for ... continue
Recommended: 26 Dec 2022

Het labyrint van Luanda

Het labyrint van Luanda by José Eduardo Agualusa NL

Rating: 5     1 Vote
Country: Africa / Angola flag Angola
Recommended: 20 Nov 2022


Labyrinths by Jorge Luis Borges EN

Rating: 4.5     36 Votes
Country: Africa / Argentina flag Argentina
Forty short stories and essays have been selected as representative of the Argentine writer's metaphysical narratives


The Madwoman of Serrano by Dina Salústio EN

0 Ratings
Country: Africa / Cape Verde flag Cape Verde
The first novel by a female author to be published in Cape Verde, and the first to be translated into English, The Madwoman of Serrano is a magical tale of rural ideals and urban ambition, underpinned by an exploration of female empowerment. Serrano is an isolated village where a madwoman roams. But is she really mad or is she marginalised because she is wise and a woman? Could her babbling be prophecy? One day a girl falls from the sky and is found in the forest by Jeronimo. The villagers are suspicious of the newcomer, but Jeronimo falls in love with her. When she gives birth and disappears,... continue
Recommended: 20 Feb 2022


The Palm-Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola EN

Rating: 3.5     4 Votes
Country: Africa / Nigeria flag Nigeria
The ghosts live in the center of the jungle and this tells of what happens to the mortals who venture into the world of the ghosts.
Recommended: 07 Apr 2022


The Scent of Burnt Flowers : A Novel by Blitz Bazawule EN

Rating: 3.5     2 Votes
Country: Africa / Ghana flag Ghana
Fleeing persecution in 1960s America, a Black couple seeks asylum in Ghana, but fresh dangers and old secrets threaten their newfound freedom in this hypnotic debut novel. “I am truly blown away by this novel.”—Jacqueline Woodson, New York Times bestselling author of Red at the Bone When the windshield of his Chevy Impala shatters in a dark diner parking lot in Alabama, Melvin moves without thinking. A split-second reaction marrows in his bones from the days of war, but this time it is the safety of his fiancé, Bernadette, at stake. Impulse keeps them alive, and yet they flee with blood on the... continue

We Are The Water People

We Are The Water People by Troy Onyango EN

Rating: 5     1 Vote
Country: Africa / Kenya flag Kenya

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