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Travel the world without leaving your chair. If you are into political here are some political books from Poland for the next part of the Read Around The World Challenge.


The Captive Mind by Czesław Miłosz EN

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Country: Europe / Poland flag Poland
The Captive Mind examines the moral and intellectual conflicts faced by men and women living under totalitarianism of the left or right.

The Long Walk

The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz EN

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Country: Europe / Poland flag Poland
'I hope The Long Walk will remain as a memorial to all those who live and die for freedom, and for all those who for many reasons could not speak for themselves' Slavomir Rawicz Slavomir Rawicz was a young Polish cavalry officer. On 19 November 1939 he was arrested by the Russians and after brutal interrogation he was sentenced to twenty-five years in a gulag. After a three-month journey in the dead of winter to Siberia, life in a Soviet labour camp meant enduring hunger, extreme cold, untreated wounds and illnesses and facing the daily risk of arbitrary execution. Realising that to remain mea... continue