The Parachute Drop

by Norbert Zongo

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Tags: Male author

The Parachute Drop

Norbert Zongo was Burkina Faso's most respected journalist before his politically motivated murder in 1998. This novel is an eerily prophetic narra- tive, foretelling many of the events that preceeded his death. His novel portrays a fictional West African nation named Watinbow led by President Gouama, a man of demonic energy and greed. Toppled in a coup d'etat, he must now confront the people of Watinbow, whom he has betrayed. This rare insight into the psychology of a corrupt African leader will help readers understand the nightmare of contemporary Africa.

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Challenge: Read Around Africa Challenge
Country: Burkina Faso flag Burkina Faso
Language: EN
Recommended: 02 Jan 2018

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