The Phaeton Report

by Albert Salvado

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The Phaeton Report

Winston Churchill said: the further we look into the past, the further we will see into the future. A famous writer knows in a party a man who tells her about USC (Universal Scientific Community), secret society created in times of Galileo Galilei that is dedicated to preserving the knowledge and the scientific truth against the attacks of the religions and official departments. In the middle of the feast the man mysteriously disappears and the writer discovers that nobody knows or has seen him. Surprised, the writer researches and locates a member of USC that gives him access to true and remote history of humanity and the lies that have come to us to the present. Even he allows him to get into USC and meet other members. The real surprise comes when they reveal him (and show him!) the existence and destruction in times of Pangea, the only continent, and that the Great Flood was not work of the wrath of God, but the result of a human error made by an ancient civilization that almost kills all humanity. However, even he is going to discover the largest of all the surprises... if we do not, we can commit another mistake and again endanger humanity. Work based on data that are available to the public and which can be checked, the critics has said: "This is no conventional historic novel... This novel breaks all of the accepted rules that orthodox literary criticism follows in judging how novels should be written (criteria laid down by E. M. Forster and followed by many critics). The book is based on a vast amount of documents and research, which is another way the author breaks the rules, because he does not conceal anything... and he does all that without breaking step, as if it were a game... This is a controversial book... My life will never be the same after reading The Phaeton Report."(Carme J. Huertas, writer, EMBAT) "His most ambitious book. If Albert Salvado (Andorra la Vella) had been born in another part of the globe he would be a bestselling author... He has more than a score of books under his belt, mostly historical novels, which are unspoilt by any pretensions to bestseller status."(Joan Joseph Isern, AVUI) "The Phaeton Report is a frenetic novel in which the Andorran writer Albert Salvado revises the official version of the Great Flood and warns of the dangers of climate change." (Xavier Aldekoa, LA VANGUARDIA) ..". The Phaeton Report is a real surprise ... an intelligent bestseller." (Jordi Valls, AVUI) ..".it goes down delightfully and leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth... impressive work... science fiction of the highest order... direct, linear narration coupled with a vast amount of information." (Antonio J. Ubero, ELFARO) "The Phaeton Report, a great legend that will make history with a truly possible account. His readers are in for a treat because the range of settings portrayed allows them to enjoy a long journey to the City of the Sun." (El raco del llibre, 7DIES) ..". very well argued and documented." (Albert Jorquera, DIARI DE VILANOVA)"

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Country: Andorra flag Andorra
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