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Travel the world without leaving your chair. The target of the Read Around The World Challenge is to read at least one book written by an author from each and every country in the world. All books that are listed here as part of the "Read Around Europe Challenge" were written by authors from Slovakia. Find a great book for the next part of your reading journey around the world from this book list. The following popular books have been recommended so far.

Rivers of Babylon

Rivers of Babylon by Peter Pišt̕anek EN

Rating: 3     1 Vote
Country: Europe / Slovakia flag Slovakia
It is 1989. Across Central Europe, socalism is crumbling, and robber capitalism is being born. Rivers of Babylon tells this story of a Central Europe, where criminals, intellectuals and secret policemen have infiltrated a new democracy, through the eyes of Racz, sociopathic gangster and idiot of genius. Slovak readers acknowledge Peter Pist'anek as their most flamboyant and fearless writer, stripping the nation of its myths and false self-esteem.
Recommended: 29 Nov 2022


Seeing People Off by Jana Beňová EN

Rating: 3     1 Vote
Country: Europe / Slovakia flag Slovakia
*Winner of the European Union Prize for Literature. There is a liveliness and effervescence to Jana Benová’s prose that is magnetic. Whether addressing the loneliness of relationships or the effectiveness of rat poison, her voice and observations call to mind the verve and sophistication of Renata Adler or Jenny Offill, while remaining utterly singular. Seeing People Off follows Elza and Ian, a young couple living in a humongous apartment complex outside Bratislava where the walls play music and talk, and time is immaterial. Drawing on her memories, everyday interactions, observations of post-... continue
Recommended: 02 Mar 2022

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