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Travel the world without leaving your chair. If you are into short story here are some short story books from Brazil for the next part of the Read Around The World Challenge.


Amora: Stories by Natalia Borges Polesso EN

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From an emerging talent comes an exquisite collection of stories exploring the complexity of love between women, each a delicate piece in a mosaic transcending the boundaries of literary romance. Amora dares explore the way women love each other--the atrophy and healing of the female spirit in response to sexual desire and identity. These thirty-three short stories and poems, crafted with a deliberate delicacy, each capture the candid, private moments of women in love. Together, these stories and the women who inhabit them reveal an illuminating portrait of the sacred female romance, with all ... continue


Daydream and Drunkenness of a Young Lady by Clarice Lispector EN

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'The morning became a long, drawn-out afternoon that became depthless night dawning innocently through the house' Tales of desire and madness from this giant of Brazilian literature. Penguin Modern: fifty new books celebrating the pioneering spirit of the iconic Penguin Modern Classics series, with each one offering a concentrated hit of its contemporary, international flavour. Here are authors ranging from Kathy Acker to James Baldwin, Truman Capote to Stanislaw Lem and George Orwell to Shirley Jackson; essays radical and inspiring; poems moving and disturbing; stories surreal and fabulous; t... continue


Family Ties by Clarice Lispector EN

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Tells the stories of a fearful adolescent, an angry old woman, a dog's burial, a possessive mother and her son, a businessman's dinner, and a French explorer in Africa


Winning the Game and Other Stories by Rubem Fonseca EN

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With an unflinching, unsentimental eye and a soup├žon of black humor, Fonseca chronicles the foibles, manias, and obsessions of the people of Brazil's metropolises