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Travel the world without leaving your chair. The target of the Read Around The World Challenge is to read at least one book written by an author from each and every country in the world. All books that are listed here as part of the "Read Around Asia Challenge" were written by authors from Israel. Find a great book for the next part of your reading journey around the world from this book list. The following popular books have been recommended so far.


All My Mother's Lovers: A Novel by Ilana Masad EN

Rating: 4     3 Votes
Country: Asia / Israel flag Israel
One of . . . Electric Literature’s "Most Anticipated Debuts of Early 2020" • O Magazine’s "31 LGBTQ Books That'll Change the Literary Landscape in 2020" • Publisher Weekly’s "Spring 2020 Literary Fiction Announcements" • Buzzfeed's "Most Highly Anticipated Books Of 2020" • The Millions's "Most Anticipated: The Great First-Half 2020 Book Preview" • The Rumpus's "What to Read When 2020 is Just Around the Corner" • LGBTQ Reads's "2020 LGBTQAP Adult Fiction Preview: January-June" • Lit Hub’s "Most Anticipated Books of 2020" • BookRiot’s "Must-Read Debut Novels of 2020" • Bitch’s "27 Novels Feminis... continue
Recommended: 21 Jul 2022


All the rivers by Dorit Rabinyan EN

Rating: 3.5     6 Votes
Country: Asia / Israel flag Israel
Originally published in Hebrew as Gader ohayah (Tel Aviv: Am oved, 2014).
Recommended: 25 Apr 2018


Central Station by Lavie Tidhar EN

Rating: 4     13 Votes
Country: Asia / Israel flag Israel
An NPR Best Book of 2016 An Amazon Featured Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Book A Guardian Best SF & Fantasy Book of 2016 Longlist, British Science Fiction Award 2016, Best Novel 2017 Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee "It's all of science fiction distilled into a single book." —Warren Ellis, author of Transmetropolitan and Gun Machine A worldwide diaspora has left a quarter of a million people at the foot of a space station. Cultures collide in real life and virtual reality. The city is literally a weed, its growth left unchecked. Life is cheap, and data is cheaper. When Boris Chong returns to Te... continue
Recommended: 20 Feb 2022

De stem van Tamar

De stem van Tamar by David Grossman NL

Rating: 4     1 Vote
Country: Asia / Israel flag Israel
Recommended: 22 Nov 2022


Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History : Complete and Unabridged by Eusebius Pamphilus EN

0 Ratings
Country: Asia / Israel flag Israel
All ten books of Eusebius' famous church history are presented here complete in a superb and authoritative translation. Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History is one of the first comprehensive, chronologically arranged histories ever written about the Christian church, and it is consulted by scholars and historians to this day. Eusebius authored his history as the Roman Empire's influence upon the European continent waned amid insurgencies and surrender of Roman lands to other peoples. This also a time in which Christianity's influence upon Europe's peoples burgeoned and grew. As one of a very few l... continue
Recommended: 22 Oct 2022


Homesick by Eshkol Nevo EN

Rating: 2     1 Vote
Country: Asia / Israel flag Israel
The narrative moves from character to character offering us windows into their lives. Each of them comes from somewhere different, but we gradually see that there's much about them that's the same. 'Homesick' is a clever and moving story about history, love, family and the true meaning of home.
Recommended: 16 May 2023

Homo Deus

Homo Deus : by Yuval Noah Harari EN

Rating: 3.5     29 Votes
Country: Asia / Israel flag Israel
THE MILLION COPY BESTSELLERSapiensshows us where we came from. Homo Deusshows us where we?re going.Yuval Noah Hararienvisions a near future in which we face a new set of challenges. Homo Deusexplores the projects, dreams and nightmares that will shape the twenty-first century and beyond - from overcoming death to creating artificial life.It asks the fundamental questions- how can we protect this fragile world from our own destructive power? And what does our future hold?'Homo Deuswill shock you. It will entertain you. It will make you think in ways you had not thought before? Daniel Kahneman


Hotel Moscow by Talia Carner EN

Rating: 3     18 Votes
Country: Asia / Israel flag Israel
From the author of Jerusalem Maiden comes a mesmerizing, thought-provoking novel that tells the riveting story of an American woman—the daughter of Holocaust survivors—who travels to Russia shortly after the fall of communism, and finds herself embroiled in a perilous mafia conspiracy that could irrevocably destroy her life. Brooke Fielding, a thirty-eight year old New York investment manager and daughter of Jewish Holocaust survivors, finds her life suddenly upended in late September 1993 when her job is unexpectedly put in jeopardy. Brooke accepts an invitation to join a friend on a mission ... continue
Recommended: 01 Mar 2018

How to Cure a Fanatic

How to Cure a Fanatic by Amos Oz EN

Rating: 4     5 Votes
Country: Asia / Israel flag Israel
Offers personal insight from an author who grew up in war-torn Jerusalem into the nature of fanaticism and provides possible approaches to ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Recommended: 16 Nov 2022


Judas by Amos Oz DE

Rating: 3     1 Vote
Country: Asia / Israel flag Israel
Jerusalem im Winter 1959/60: Schmuel Asch bricht sein Studium kurz vor der Abschlussarbeit zum Thema Judas ab, wird von seiner Freundin verlassen und seine Eltern können ihn nicht mehr unterstützen wiel sie sich finanziell ruiniert haben. Nur eine Anzeige hält ihn davon ab, die Stadt zu verlassen: ohne jemanden etwas erzählen zu dürfen beginnt er, einem alten Mann des Nachts vorzulesen und sich mit ihm über die Ideale des Zionismus, die jüdisch-arabischen Konflikte, kurz über Gott und die Welt zu unterhalten. Dabei trifft er auch auf die Tochter eines ehemaligen Anführers der Zionisten, von de... continue
Recommended: 02 Sep 2023

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