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Amok by Stefan Zweig EN

Rating: 4.3     3 Votes
Country: Europe / Austria flag Austria
A new pocket edition of this Conradian tale of maddening desire, from the master of the novella On a sweltering ocean-liner travelling from India to Europe a passenger tells his story: the tale of a doctor in the Dutch East Indies torn between his duty and the pull of his emotions; a tale of power and desire, pride and shame and a headlong flight into folly. This is one the most intense and incisive of the novellas which brought Stefan Zweig to worldwide fame.
Recommended: 13 Oct 2022


Carnet de Voyage by Craig Thompson EN

Rating: 4     19 Votes
Craig Thompson - the award-winning creator of Blankets and Good-Bye, Chunky Rice - spent three months travelling through Barcelona, the Alps, and France, as well as Morocco, where he was researching his next graphic novel, Habibi. Spontaneous sketches and a travelogue diary document his adventures and quiet moments, creating a raw and intimate portrait of countries, culture and the wandering artist.


Die Legende vom heiligen Trinker by Joseph Roth DE

Rating: 4     2 Votes
Country: Europe / Austria flag Austria
his book, one of the most haunting things that Roth ever composed, was published in 1939, the year the author died. Like Andreas, the hero of the story, Roth drank himself to death in Paris, but this is not an autobiographical confession. It is a secular miracle-tale, in which the vagrant Andreas, after living under bridges, has a series of lucky breaks that lift him briefly onto a different plane of existence. The novella is extraordinarily compressed, dry-eyed and witty, despite its melancholic subject-matter.
Recommended: 06 Oct 2022


Extinction by Thomas Bernhard EN

Rating: 3.5     4 Votes
Country: Europe / Netherlands flag Netherlands
LRB BOOKSHOP'S AUTHOR OF THE MONTH ONE OF THE GUARDIAN'S BEST BOOKS OF 2019 WITH A NEW AFTERWORD BY GEOFF DYER 'If you haven't read Bernhard, you will not know of the most radical advance in fiction since Joyce ... My advice: dive in.' Lucy Ellmann 'I absolutely love Bernhard: he is one of the darkest and funniest writers ... A must read for everybody.' Karl Ove Knausgaard Franz-Josef Murau is the intellectual black sheep of a powerful Austrian land-owning family. He now lives in Rome in self-imposed exile, surrounded by a coterie of artistic and intellectual friends. On returning from his sis... continue
Recommended: 01 Nov 2022


Lena : unser Dorf und der Krieg by Käthe Recheis DE

0 Ratings
Country: Europe / Austria flag Austria
Das Buch beschreibt wie das österreichische Mädchen Lena die Nazizeit erlebt.
Es werden viele Themen angesprochen, z.B. der Anschluß Österreichs, der Holocaust, Euthanasie, Bombenangriffe, Hitlerjugend u.v.m.
Recommended: 02 Jan 2023


Lust by Elfriede Jelinek EN

Rating: 2     1 Vote
Country: Europe / Austria flag Austria
In post-World War II Austria, Gerti, a woman on the verge of a breakdown due to her husband's relentless sexual attentions, wanders away from home one day and is rescued by an ambitious young man who turns out to be much like her husband.


The Case of the Lamp That Went Out by Auguste Groner EN

Rating: 2     1 Vote
Country: Europe / Austria flag Austria
Reprint of the detective novel starring Joseph Müller, Secret Service detective of the Imperial Austrian police.
Recommended: 25 Jan 2023

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