Dystopia genre books (76)


2084 : The End of the World by Boualem Sansal EN

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Country: Africa / Algeria flag Algeria
A tribute to George Orwell's 1984 and a cry of protest against totalitarianism of all kinds, Sansal's 2084 tells the story of a near future in which religious extremists have established an oppressive caliphate where autonomous thought is forbidden. It is the year 2084. In the kingdom of Abistan--named after the prophet Abi, earthly messenger of the god Yolah--citizens submit to a single god, demonstrating their devotion by kneeling in prayer nine times a day. Autonomous thought has been banned, remembering is forbidden, and an omnipresent surveillance system instantly informs the authorities ... continue


A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess EN

Rating: 4 (3 votes)
In a future where criminals rule the night, Alex, a vicious fifteen-year-old droog, is "redeemed" by the state.


Acide sulfurique : roman by Amélie Nothomb FR

Rating: 3.5 (16 votes)
Country: Europe / Belgium flag Belgium
Roman de société. Roman philosophique.


Alindarka’s Children by Alhierd Bacharevič EN

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Country: Europe / Belarus flag Belarus
Alicia and her brother Avi are interned in a camp where children are taught to forget their mother tongue and speak the language of the coloniser. They escape into the Belarusian forest to go on an adult Hansel and Gretel adventure.


All My Goodbyes by Mariana Dimopulos EN

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This highly acclaimed contemporary Argentinian novel is the first in Giramondo’s Literature of the South series, featuring innovative fiction and non-fiction by writers of the southern hemisphere. It is translated from the Spanish by Australian translator Alice Whitmore. All My Goodbyes is a novel told in overlapping vignettes, which follow the travels of a young Argentinian woman across Europe (Málaga, Madrid, Heidelberg, Berlin) and back to Argentina (Buenos Aires, Patagonia) as she flees from situation to situation, job to job, and relationship to relationship. Within the complexity of the ... continue


Animal Farm by George Orwell EN

Rating: 4 (92 votes)
A satire on totalitarianism in which farm animals overthrow their human owner and set up their own government.


Anthem by Ayn Rand EN

Rating: 3 (1 vote)
Country: Europe / Russia flag Russia
The year 2005 marks Ayn Rand's Centennial Year. Ayn Rand's classic tale of a future dark age of the greatWe'a world that deprives individuals of name, independence, and values'anticipates her later masterpieces, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.


Blindness by José Saramago EN

Rating: 4 (7 votes)
Country: Europe / Portugal flag Portugal
No food, no water, no government, no obligation, no order. Discover a chillingly powerful and prescient dystopian vision from one of Europe's greatest writers. A driver waiting at the traffic lights goes blind. An ophthalmologist tries to diagnose his distinctive white blindness, but is affected before he can read the textbooks. It becomes a contagion, spreading throughout the city. Trying to stem the epidemic, the authorities herd the afflicted into a mental asylum where the wards are terrorised by blind thugs. And when fire destroys the asylum, the inmates burst forth and the last links with... continue


Brave New World by Aldous Huxley EN

Rating: 5 (3 votes)
The graphic novel adaptation of the classic dystopian masterpiece. From Fred Fordham, graphic novelist behind the sensational TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD graphic novel. Originally published in 1932, Brave New World is one of the most revered and profound works of twentieth century literature. Touching on themes of control, humanity, technology, and influence, Aldous Huxley's enduring classic is a reflection and a warning of the age in which it was written, yet remains frighteningly relevant today. With its surreal imagery and otherworldly backdrop, Brave New World adapts beautifully to the graphic n... continue


Cursed Bread by Sophie Mackintosh EN

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GRANTA BEST OF YOUNG BRITISH NOVELISTSFrom the Booker Prize-nominated author of The Water Cure comes a chilling new feminist fable based on the true story of an unsolved mystery . . .'A shimmering fever-dream of a novel' Telegraph'A dreamy sapphic romp' The Times'Gauzy [and] gripping, a qu[Bokinfo].